Dream Blue

Dream Blue M6+

Content: 500ml
Alcohol: 40.8%, 52%

Dream Blue M3

Award: Silver Outstanding 2017 IWSC


M3 is from the production region designated for Dream Blue. This superfine product is chosen from liquor aged for 50 years in the liquor pit and stored in pottery jars for 10 years.

Dream Blue M6

Award: Gold 2017 IWSC


M6 is produced in the central area of Dream Blue production region. Known as the superstar of its kind, the liquor undergoes a fermentation period as long as 180 days in the century-old liquor pits, and is stored for 15 years in the underground cellar. 

Dream Blue M9

M9 is produced in the core area of Dream Blue production region. From production to selection to storage, M9 follows a very strict procedure. About every 50l of quality original baijiu can only produce 50ml M9. Each bottle of M9 is at least 20 years old. The liquor is stored in small pots for 8,000 days in the century-old underground cellar. It features yellowish color, fragrant odor, and a mellow taste. 

Dream Blue International

Dream Blue International is a series of products designed for the international market and domestic high-end customers. Its quality is excellent as always. To fit overseas consumption habits, the volume increases to 750 ml. Dream Blue International was first launched in the tax-free stores at Hong Kong International Airport.