Create meaningful and joyous experiences

  As a producer of spirits, we not only seek to create delicious beverages, but also strive to address the spiritual needs of society. Fusing together ancient tradition and contemporary culture, we put feeling and emotion into all of our products, advertisements, and sales operations.

Lead the industry, uphold social responsibility

In pursuit of growth and innovation, the Group commits all of its energies towards a master vision focused on leading the pack in every manner possible, including leading the continued and healthy development of the industry. We take the carrying-on and promulgation of traditional Chinese drinking culture as its responsibility, and satisfying the happiness and health needs of a wide range of consumers as its goal. We dedicate ourselves to putting forth top-quality, healthy and respectable Chinese spirits.

Be both the lion and the lamb—fight to innovate, live to serve

Like the lion, we strive to be fierce and ambitious in both innovation and competition. Like the lamb, we promise to contribute, give back and always be thankful. Combining the qualities of the lion and the lamb, we will fight to innovate and live to serve: This is the most fundamental value running through the core of our culture. It is our guide for action, our standard for behavior, and the yardstick by which we judge our policies, decisions and systems.