Dutch Dealer Celebrates the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival and National Day with Local People by Guessing Lantern Riddles
December 12, 2021

The birghtest moon is always the moon in our hometown. The moon is the same moon, the festival is the same festival. Even in a foreign land, the full moon in the sky will hook our hearts together on every festival.

During the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival and National Day in 2021, Artall Culutre, a Dutch dealer of our company, launched several interactive activities called Guess Riddles and giving small bottle of Yanghe products as prize in Boiling Hot Pot Restaurant, a local Chinese hot pot chain store in the Netherlands.

Throughout September, consumers can participate in riddle guessing games in the store, and those who answer correctly can get a small bottle of Yanghe product. There are more than 10000 people took part in this game.  

This activity spread through the official website of the online celebrity shop, and spread online in Google, TicToc, Xiaohongshu and other social media.Mmany media broadcast this interactive activity and have a amazing influence!

On this happy festival, people all raised their glasses and drank Yanghe Baijiu.

Even in a foreign land, we will never forget our hometown and we wish our motherland prosperity and peace forever.

Editor: 薛嵒 Xue Yan    Translator: 张赟娇 Zhang Yunjiao